Follow your dreams

If you had asked me 2-3 years ago what I thought about travelling around the world by myself my first reaction would have been “NO FU*CKING WAY!” On so many occasions I had tried to convince my family/friends to travel with me. Whether it was a small vacation, or a trip around the world I…Read more »

The US of A

I left for USA on my 21st Birthday. A 14 hour flight was sitting between me and my first trip to the States. In five weeks I was visiting LA, Anaheim, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami and New York. Our flight left at 6am so I was determined to stay awake as long as possible…Read more »


I should probably start by introducing myself, my name is Amalia Zachopoulos.. I’ll let you catch your breath after that one as it’s a bit of a mouthful, also whilst on that topic contrary to popular belief my name is actually pronounced “Emma-Leah” . Yes thanks mum and dad! So not only can I never…Read more »