The US of A

I left for USA on my 21st Birthday. A 14 hour flight was sitting between me and my first trip to the States. In five weeks I was visiting LA, Anaheim, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami and New York.

Our flight left at 6am so I was determined to stay awake as long as possible the night before so I could attempt to sleep on the plane. The nerves and the excitement started to kick in as we approached the terminal. Here I am on my 21st Birthday leaving for a trip around the US with my then partner. Something I had always dreamed of doing.

After what felt like the longest 14 hours of my life we arrived in LA. We got a transfer to our hotel and checked in. Being my 21st birthday my partner let me decide what we would like to do.

Somewhere I have always researched and dreamt of going was Santa Monica Pier. We hopped on a bus and headed down to the beach. We stopped at an awesome restaurant for lunch and then started to walk around to see what LA had to offer. As we were walking towards the beach I turned around to see where my partner had gone. To my surprise he was kneeled down behind me holding out a ring.

The words will you marry me then left his mouth. In complete and utter shock I said what the fuck are you doing!!! A crowd formed around us and were clapping. Just when I thought my 21st couldn’t get any better the man that I loved got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him – Of course I said yes. The holiday had started off like A fairy tale. We spent the next couple of days exploring LA. We went to Universal Studios, Venice Beach and explored Hollywood Boulevard. This is where my addiction for large slices of Pizza kicked off.


Our next stop was Anaheim – The home to the original Disneyland. Now I was a bit sceptical about going to Disneyland. Mainly because I thought it was just for little kids but much to my surprise it was one of the most amazing and magical places I have ever been. Before we left Australia we bought a three day park hopper tickets. I am not even kidding when I say it took us the whole three days to get through both of the parks. It is still one of the best things I have done/seen to date. We even did a day tour to San Diego Sea World.

Amalia Disneyland

The next place I visited was probably the most live and upbeat place I have ever been – LAS VEGAS.  From pool parties staring David Guetta to Calvin Harris playing in the clubs it was hands down the best 5 days of my life. The weather was absolutely amazing the whole time we were there. The only thing I would possibly change was our trip to the Grand Canyon. If I had known I would be sitting in a bus for a round trip of 18 hours I probably would have opted for the Helicopter option however it is certainly something I have now ticked off my massive bucket list. Las Vegas absolutely blew me away and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be making a trip back there some day.

San Francisco was our next destination. I fell in love with this place. Although it was quite cold it had so much to offer. We only spent 3 days here but we managed to fit so much in. We did a tour of the Alcatraz Prison, went to a San Francisco Giants Baseball game and spent time exploring Fisherman’s Wharf. Riding 12kms to get to the Golden Gate Bridge and then along the Bridge was one of the biggest highlights of the whole trip. I found that everyone was super friendly and we even stopped by a little shop on our way home from dinner and the owner let us light up some fireworks in the street.

san francisco

So after San Francisco we headed to Miami for three days. We intentionally booked three days in Miami to relax before a chaotic week ahead in New York.  We checked into our amazing hotel room (which got upgraded) and spent the whole time in the pool soaking up the sun. After almost four weeks already in the states it was just what we needed to refresh.


Our Final Stop was NEW YORK – We stayed at The Amsterdam Hotel on 50th Street. It was roughly 5 minutes’ walk from Time Square, the perfect location. We spent the first two days on the hop on hop off bus. It rained quite a lot however nothing could dampen our mood. I even chucked on a poncho which is very unlike me.

We visited the famous Empire State Building, Central Park and beautiful National 911 Memorial. Now this is where the disaster started. We were half way through our week in New York.  We met up with some friends in New York and decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and a night out. We went to Little Italy for some amazing Italian Food and then headed to a night club.

The night was going perfect. We were sitting in the nightclub enjoying the music and some drinks. Our friends decided to leave shortly after as they had a tour early in the morning.We decided to stick around a little while longer when a stranger approached our VIP table. He grabbed our bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and started to walk off with it.

My then partner approached him and asked him to give back the bottle. The guy put down the bottle of Vodka on the floor and went to throw a punch at my partner. My partner quickly ducked his head in self-defence and much to my surprise I copped a punch straight in the eye. The next thing I remember I was laying on the floor being kicked by this phyco and then being pulled into the bathroom by my arms. I was quickly taken away in an Ambulance however my partner was taken to gaol for fighting back.

I then spent the next 12 hours in hospital with concussion.A black eye, concussion and $4000 later and I was on my way.

The days after this were spent riding around Central Park on hired bikes, sightseeing Wall Street and trying to make the most out of horrible situation we had just been put in.

All in all, America is hands down of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.

I have a month until I embark on my next adventure – Europe! Prior to leaving I will be sharing with you my challenges to get where I currently am from failed relationships, living with anxiety and how I have used all of these things to get me where I am today.

3 thoughts on “The US of A

  1. Great read as so very proud of the journeys you have taken in your short life so is only onwards and upwards from here on in .1 very proud mumma


    Let’s hope Europe brings some more awesome memories .


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