Follow your dreams

If you had asked me 2-3 years ago what I thought about travelling around the world by myself my first reaction would have been “NO FU*CKING WAY!”

On so many occasions I had tried to convince my family/friends to travel with me. Whether it was a small vacation, or a trip around the world I am always up for a new adventure. Whilst a few people have joined me along the way, more often than not when it comes down to booking the trip something always comes up or they get cold feet and change their mind.

After finally doing something about my anxiety in April this year (read more about that here – The lady who changed my life) I decided to take a massive leap of faith and book my first solo adventure to Europe for August 2017.

The day of my departure I was feeling like a big ball of nerves. Many questions were going through my mind, Have I packed enough? Have I packed the right things? What if I feel lonely travelling on my own? What if I get sick? What if my flights are delayed or cancelled and I get stuck? What if I’m not built out for solo travelling? What if i struggle with the language barriers? What if, What if!!!!

Upon boarding the plane I promised myself that I would take each day as it comes and if any challenges arise I would face them head on and that is exactly what I did. Eight weeks wandering around Europe by myself was hands down the best decision I have ever made in my life. I visited a total of 17 countries, I met some of the most amazing people, I ate some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life and seen some of the most beautiful sights I could have only ever imagined to see in this lifetime. Summer in Europe is literally 10/10. The greatest reward I got from solo travel was my own personal growth. Coming home from Europe I felt like a new person. I felt that I’d become a little more independent and confident within myself.

I have no doubt that the thought of travelling alone to some people can be scary, especially when you have never done it before but to me growing old without experiencing everything you want in life is scarier.

Solo travel gives you ultimate freedom. You can wake up and do what you want, where you want, when you want.  Want pizza? Get pizza. Want to leave? Leave. Want to try sky diving? Try sky diving. This also works at the other end of the spectrum. Want to relax in bed all day? Then go for it. There’s no one to pull you in any direction or override your decisions.

If I have any advice for my blog readers it would be to not wait for people or hold back from living your dreams. There’s only now – If you don’t go, you could regret it.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post – Hotel vs Hostel


3 thoughts on “Follow your dreams

  1. A great read Amalia. What a fantastic experience. Well done for facing your fears and just doing it. And well done for sharing I’m sure this will help others who are thinking about doing it but have been to anxious to go. Travelling can be very humblering to see how others live life whether it’s be choice or circumstance or culture. Bet your planning your next adventure and why wouldn’t you. Happy travels hun x love Lisa


  2. Amalia you really are a breath of fresh air & have come so far on your journey , the world for you now really is your oyster & it’s wonderful to read that your now going from strength to strength …..
    You should feel so proud of yourself sweetheart , you really are an inspiration xxx


  3. emaliia i was reading your expierance you had with facing the world on your own i realy admired your pluck for seeing all the things and accomplished in your travels you are just one person in millions of facing your dreams it was nice to think you had done all the things you wanted to do love keep on dreaming darling big hugs and take care xxxxxxx


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