I’m sure everyone would be familiar with the term “summer romance” right? And I’m sure many of you have even experienced said summer romance. The thing about a summer romance is that it eventually has to end when one of the two parties has to leave. Whether they’re going to a different country or going home or going back to work, it always ends one way or another.

Summer romance is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. It’s meeting someone who you instantly click with and in that moment nothing else in the world matters.

The question i have for you is.. does it have to end? Is it better to go your separate ways once one party leaves? What if you feel like you have a special bond beyond a summer romance?

What is the likelihood of something like this working once you settle back into “normal life” and have the pressures of work, bills and everything in between?

Because isn’t that what everyone wants in the end? To fall in love? To be loved and to give as much love as humanly possible? Yes travel can be amazing BUT wouldn’t you love someone to experience that all with?

Everyone says you shouldn’t rely on another person to fill the empty spaces in your heart. They tell you that you are just as strong on your own but the way I see it some of those empty spaces are only shaped for another person to fill. It doesn’t matter how much I love myself or how confident I am in the end Iife is about love and love is meant to be shared.

I was lucky enough to meet someone special and experience Summer romance. Just recently we had to say our goodbyes and go our seperate ways. Since that day I haven’t been able to shake the fact that I was letting something special slip away. Each day I battle with the internal struggle of whether I should end my travels early and pursue love or pursue my love of travel. What I did know is that I was potentially letting someone amazing leave my life forever.

As the saying goes good things are worth waiting for? But now that I feel that I have it I’m left with the predicament of what path to follow. I’m a big fan of if it’s meant to be it will be AND if it’s something real the time apart won’t matter but I’m still at this cross roads, should I stay or should I go? Do I throw in my travels for something that could potentially not work out?


Keep travelling and potentially miss out on something that could be the greatest thing ever.

My question for you all is how do I decide?


The first 30 days has past and on a daily basis I get asked “How do I do it?” Or people comment on how brave you must be to travel on your own. The honest truth is, Solo travel is sink or swim and you have to learn how to survive – who to trust, how to make friends, how to find your way around alone but that’s the greatest reward of solo travel: the personal growth.

So far i’ve been very lucky. I have met some of the most like-minded incredible people, I’ve stayed in some of the nicest hostels and seen some of the most beautiful places in the world and for that I’m very grateful.

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At first I was hesitant to book three nights at St Christophers Inn as its quite well known as a “party hostel” however as soon as I stepped in the door of the hostel I knew I made the right decision.

The check in desk was always very busy however nothing seemed too hard for the staff and they were always willing to answer any questions/queries. Check in is at 2pm and check out is 10:00am.



As the weather was nice I decided to walk from the Malaga-Maria Zambrano train station to the Hostel. I put the location into my google maps and walked for around 15 minutes to which it said I had arrived at the Hostel. After some confusion with the maps and finally locating the entrance I was surprised to see not a lot of signage out the front. As I was arriving in the day this wasn’t much of a problem however to someone arriving at night this would make it quite difficult. In addition to this there is no reception desk on the ground floor. You need to take the lift to level 4 and check in.

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The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Hostel One Catedral was the beautiful ceramic tiles covering each wall. The different colours brought brightness to the room. The reception desk itself is located directly in view as you walk in.

The large open space is decked out with sofas and a large table where all the guests can come together for dinner in the evenings or have a catch up after a long day of site seeing.



My first thought when I arrived at The Hat was WOW!

I arrived at The Hat around 9:30am to check in and drop off my bags. Being 9:30 in the morning my room wasn’t quite ready however the staff were kind enough to store my bags and allow me to have a shower which was much needed after 30 hours in transit from Australia. From the moment I walked into The Hat I was instantly happy. The staff were smiling and very welcoming. The decor of the hostel was rustic and absolutely beautiful. It looked more like a hotel than a hostel. I was also pleasantly surprised when the staff upgraded me to a six bed female dorm rather than the 10 bed mixed dorm that I’d booked.

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